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webtechcouponswebtechcoupons 18 Sep 2015 05:34
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wow,this is very good collection of electronics.

by webtechcouponswebtechcoupons, 18 Sep 2015 05:34

You appear to have failed to spot out on the recent acquirement of You Tube and how they have used the webs most well-liked video streaming site in order to boost their advertisement share. You could also talk about how Google was affected to hand over users IP address over to Viacom over copyright breach and due to this Google have now introduced a Video rental service and also as a place for new upcoming singer and actors. You could also talk about how Google are now making their own operating systems for desktop PC's online next year.

Google's future by Noorul AminNoorul Amin, 01 Feb 2010 15:06

Hello Gurpej,
I think Google is a very powerful and effective advertising tool, Google were the most used search engine website in 2009 according to web based stats measurement organization called Alexa. This just shows the amount of people which the use the page. It is by far the most powerful search engine on the internet.
Companies pay large amounts to have thier company at the top of results produced, for example, typing in 'Nike Vapours' produces '1 - 10 of about 1,110,000 for nike vapors. (0.12 seconds)' with the first result being a sponsored one, in this case the Nike Uk store.


Yeh im having a closer look at that and trying to understand it a bit better. Google do seem to be concentrating alot on the Chrome OS, ive heard quite a bit about it. Haha yeh I dont think they are far off from computer games, what sort of games though I wonder…….


Re: are google.... by ShafShaf, 01 Feb 2010 11:59

The major income that Google has going for them is a very effective search engine which is used very frequently worldwide. I dont think you have mentioned anything about the commercial side of Google, because Google makes millions within advertising businesses. Do you think that Google is a effective way of advertising businesses?


Dan makes a very valid point, when I was first learning to create websites which were non css and all html table based I was told that the best way to get your site ranked highly (first three pages of a google search) was to load your page with strong keywords in your meta tags. Now that sites are being created more and more with valid W3C compliant css and xhtml these meta tag keywords have been come redundant to a large extent. Instead alt tags and title tags as well as semantic coding are being used. Google will also blacklist websites it finds to be breaking its terms of services in relation to its quality guidelines. A lot of organisations hide top heavy words off screen in order to get a higher google ranking. For example Volkswagen were probably the biggest corporation found to be doing this. You can read about it here as me talking about it will take up a lot of space.

A company to become a significant force into mobiles, why should an Internet Search Engine provider need to be in the mobile market. Google is craving to gather as much information it can possibly get hold of. To create the google android system, this is evidently googles attempt to be the ultimate center of information. Is it to sell information along the way?

Hi Jack

Excellent point re Eric Schmidts comments, in reply to your suggestion about having a'Can Google be trusted' section, the wiki already has a more aptly named Google Vs Privacy section.


Hi Shaf,

Check out our privacy and copyright pages on the issues that have arisen due the Google's expansion, i think some of their major focus at the moment aside from the Android platform is the Chrome Operating System being launched later this year. Hmmm computer games…..i dont their far off ;-)


Re: are google.... by Waseem TahirWaseem Tahir, 01 Feb 2010 00:38

Hi Syeed

You make a valid point about certain areas being missed out, however with a topic area that could easily fill 30,000 words, at 3,000 words the focus has been on the issues Google have encountered on their mission to organise the worlds information and the ongoing initiatives that are underway to achieve this aim.

Thanks for the examples, much appreciated


Re: The mighty Google by Waseem TahirWaseem Tahir, 01 Feb 2010 00:33

On December 2009, Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, declared after privacy concerns: "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place." I think this attitude towards privacy is immoral and careless as its diverting the attention away from themselves and trying to put the responsibility on the public. The General public should not be concerned with Google seeing where you visit on the internet, its what they do with that information and who they could possibly pass it on to that is concerning. In early 2005, the United States Department of Justice filed a motion in federal court to force Google disclose, "the text of each search string entered onto Google's search engine over a two-month period”. Also Google originally placed a cookie on each registered user's computer, which can be used to track that person's search history, and that cookie was not set to expire until 2038. While there is no evidence that Google turns over information to the national Governments, FBI or MI5, it does make you anxious using their services on a daily basis. Google’s fingerprints are all over data in Gmail, GoogleDocs and Maps. Maybe in your wiki you could have had a section “Can Google be trusted?”.


trying to take over everything?! They seem to be in control of lots of things, did it all start with their advertisements on their search? Google seem to be branching into everything, I dont know how it effects all the privacy and copyright. Have they taken ideas from their advertisements that they put out? Its fascinating how they did it all, Google is a very big business and worth lots of money. What are their plans in the business market? I know that they have gone into the mobile phone sector with the Android and Nexus One. At this rate they will probably start to make video games or something!

are google.... by ShafShaf, 31 Jan 2010 21:26

You seem to have missed out on Googles purchase of YouTube and how they have used the webs popular video streaming site in order increase their advertisement share.
You could also mention how google was forced to hand over users IP address over to Viacom over copyright infringement and due to this Google have now launched a Video rental service and also as a place for aspiring singer/actors.

You could also mention how Google are now producing their own oprating systems for desktop PC's an important evolution of a company who make money from nothing.


The mighty Google by syeedsyeed, 31 Jan 2010 20:43

Hi Dan,

The review of PageRank was written in the context of how it helped Google deliver superior search results to it's
competitors back when it was introduced circa 2005. Obviously then it was a significant factor in helping Google cement it's position as the leading search engine which was a key component of the early business model.

It was introduced something of a lifetime ago in internet terms so you would expect Google to refine their search algorithims since then.

Think you might have mis-read our explanation though, we do refer to the "quality and quantity" links in, rather than traffic,
Although it is a brief summary given the number of different areas we have to cover in the word count.

While it may have lost some significance, the company I work for receives requests on a daily basis to exchange links so some people must still think it's relevant!

Google PageRank was extreme popular amongst webmasters [site owners] in about pre 2006 - PageRank since than has lost its significance within Google search - Google's search algorithm use over 200 different factor's including PageRank to formulate its search results. PageRank only update's about once every 3 month's and many site owners have tried to abuse the system to get their site ranked higher, this in part is why Google has devalued the use of PageRank. The new buzzword is Google Caffeine, real time live updating/searching of sites.

A note about PageRank's - They are based on many factor's, mainly incoming link's (not traffic), if you had an incoming link from a .gov or a .edu this is seen as more authoritative, so you will gain more "weight", than a .info domain name [which are cheaply available and used by spammers]. Many site owners tried to inflate their pagerank by adding there links to link farms and web directories - one of the reasons why PageRank has lost significance.


The bid for world domination began when Google's declared its aspiration "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful” [1]1

Google's proprietary Web spider & database technologies are still central to its operation. Add to this, expansion into maps, operating systems, applications and cloud computing… do we see a bid for world domination?

What is important to Google by ssmethurstssmethurst, 02 Nov 2009 10:27
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